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The Midwest Largest Fiero Used Parts Warehouse with Full Service Center
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Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts
& Bob Steiger @

Join us for a day of pure Fiero excitement

Saturday, May 5th, 2001
lOAM - 3PM
* FREE! Bring a friend!
* Door Prizes awarded throughout the day!!
* Complinentary Luncheon and beverages!
* Q & A, tech tips. Bring your Fiero questions!
Bring your Fiero, bring a friend and prepare yourself for a day 
of fun, food, door prizes and great Fiero comraderie as we all celebrate 
the 3RD ANNUAL FIERO FEST at BobSteiger's
 new, huge Fiero warehouse in Paxton, Illinois. (formerly up the street in Loda!) 
Browse among loads of Fieros! Some for
sale, some in Bob's display area, and many in a "do you need a 
part" condition. Need a part? Find the part
you need, and take it home with you (Bob promises some great 
parts prices during this spectacular 1 day
fun event). Yes, Bob's place was also called the Fiero Parts 
Depot for those of you who know Bob and
have been down to see him before Any questions? You can reach Bob 
at 217-379-9140.

Directions: From the North, take 1-57 south to the Buckley exit. 
Go East 1 mile to Rt 45. Turn South 5
miles to Loda. Continue South on Rt. 45, 2 miles South of Loda to 
the new Twin Lakes Fiero on the East
(left) side of the road. You can't miss it! From the South, take 
1-57 to the Paxton exit. Go East 1 mile to Rt
45. Turn left (North) 2 miles to Twin Lakes! Figure about 2 hours 
from the central Chicaqoland area.

A Map is available at: http:IIhome.xnetcomI~n ifelevents. htm I