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The Midwest Largest Fiero Used Parts Warehouse with Full Service Center
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Twin Lakes Fiero
offers the following services

Pick up and delivery available to all states

          Full service Body Shop
                                           Color matching small paint jobs to full custom paint show winners
                                           All form of collision repair or replacement of Body Panals
                                           Custom Body Panals installed
                                           T-Top's Installed
                                                      Convertable conversions
        Full Service Garage
                                          All mechanical repairs
                                                          Struts and Shocks               
                                                          Exhaust work{exhaust manafolds, catalytic converters}
                                                          All Motor Work from tuneups to replacement
                                                          {See Motor Conversions page for more details}

       If you own a Fiero and need anything done to it
Go To
Twin Lakes Fiero
and see
Fiero Bob

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