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The Midwest Largest Fiero Used Parts Warehouse with Full Service Center
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Motor Conversions

Twin Lakes offers a wide range of motor options

We can repair or replace your stock 2.5 liter 4 cylinder
We can put in a 2.8 V-6
or for even more fun
How about a 3.4 V-6 that looks stock
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Need more power
Fiero Bobs specialty is a 3800 or 3800 supercharged V-6
3800cradle1.jpg (19115 bytes) Bob has 2 new 3800's ready to go in your car

Still need power

How about a 350 Chevy V-8
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Bob uses the best kit on the market from V-8 Archie

a 300HP Northstar
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Bob has never done a Northstar conversion but he recommends  Link to us... Click here to find out how!

or even a Ford SHO
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Now thats one tight fit. Fiero Bob is doing his first SHO motor now.
Stop by and check out his progress.

For more information on price and availability

Give Bob a call

Twin Lakes Fiero
is located at
1975 E & 600 N Road
Paxton. IL. 60957

  • Phone     {217}379-9140

  • Fax {217}379-6502
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